Between 2005 and 2012, I led the opening of 200+ seasonal pop-ups with yearly revenues of $12M. Ricky's is-the-place for modern, bold, and humorous Halloween costumes and accessories. Every year we hire 700 temp staff and use the temp stores' locations as potential spaces for brand expansion.


Ricky's is a favorite among actors, makeup artists, and the hippest of New York--they know that you walk into Ricky's with a need and come out with amazing stuff you have to have. We love that funky environment, and, 28 stores and $55M annual revenue later, we know our customers, do too.
We built the chain from 2 to 28 stores throughout the New York metro area (plus the Hamptons and Miami). I also opened more than 200 pop-up stores throughout the region.


What retail business wouldn't like to go from a 25% to 60% plus margins within one year ? 10% same-store growth?

These are the types of metrics I produced with an amazing team with Ricky's, the iconic New York beauty retail chain, and Ricky's Halloween.

My partners and I took a few failing drug stores, revamped their retail philosophies, and turned them into the experience known as Ricky's. 

Retail & Pop-Up Store Expert with over 20 years of experience. The experience and knowledge that I delivered to achieve these successes I can now bring to your retail chain, whether it's in startup mode or growth. Although I remain an equity partner and consultant to the Ricky's brand, I'm proud to offer my experience on a consultative basis to other retail brands who need to grow. I can enable you to capitalize on your chain's strengths, especially if you need seasonal business to drive revenue.